Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Its been a while again

I got a little side tracked from the blog. There isn't much going on around here except my babies growing way to fast.

Loves, thomas the train obsessed is more like it. We have to watch thomas on tv as soon as he wakes up, he says thomas on and points at the tv. he has 1 pair of thomas pj's that he refuses to take off so I wash them and he puts them right back on. He is such a big boy! he wears a 2T at 20months, he has super fat feet, size 8 wide. He is ready for potty training, but mommy isnt. He tells me when he pee's or poo poo's. But he hasn't gone in the potty yet, but we still try! I call him several nicknames, lovey bubby, bubbaluga, baby bub, bubbsey, and lando! He has a bad habit of putting little things up his nose, its driving me crazy!

Has quite the attitude! Sometimes requests that we call her Rapunzel, little red riding hood, and sometimes just princess. She is super tall. and this summer she totally skipped a shoe size going straight into a 10.5! She can wear a size 4T at age 3.5. She is in gymnastics which she absolutely loves! She learned to open her eyes under water and hold her breath. She reads a story to her brother every night! She loves to change clothes several times a day and pretty much dresses herself. She is sooo smart, she knows all her letters, and most of the sounds they make. Right now we are learning to write a "t" and how to spell her name! She wants to go to school very bad!

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