Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Its been a while again

I got a little side tracked from the blog. There isn't much going on around here except my babies growing way to fast.

Loves, thomas the train obsessed is more like it. We have to watch thomas on tv as soon as he wakes up, he says thomas on and points at the tv. he has 1 pair of thomas pj's that he refuses to take off so I wash them and he puts them right back on. He is such a big boy! he wears a 2T at 20months, he has super fat feet, size 8 wide. He is ready for potty training, but mommy isnt. He tells me when he pee's or poo poo's. But he hasn't gone in the potty yet, but we still try! I call him several nicknames, lovey bubby, bubbaluga, baby bub, bubbsey, and lando! He has a bad habit of putting little things up his nose, its driving me crazy!

Has quite the attitude! Sometimes requests that we call her Rapunzel, little red riding hood, and sometimes just princess. She is super tall. and this summer she totally skipped a shoe size going straight into a 10.5! She can wear a size 4T at age 3.5. She is in gymnastics which she absolutely loves! She learned to open her eyes under water and hold her breath. She reads a story to her brother every night! She loves to change clothes several times a day and pretty much dresses herself. She is sooo smart, she knows all her letters, and most of the sounds they make. Right now we are learning to write a "t" and how to spell her name! She wants to go to school very bad!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Pool Party!

We have been having a blast so far this summer! We have spent a lot of time on the boat and also at Jenifer's pool!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Landon Stays Over Night With Grandma...We Take Natalie To The Movies...and Memorial Day at The Lake

Sunday night Landon stayed the night at Grandma's house with Makaylah! You were such a good boy! We took Natalie to see Shrek in 3D. It was a lot of fun! We went to dinner first at Mimi's then to the show! Natalie, you were so excited about getting some popcorn! The movie was great and you were so good. At the very end we were watching the credits roll through and you were standing right beside me. I turned to look at your daddy and then looked back at you, but you were gone. I panicked (this all happened in a matter of 2 seconds). I looked all around but it was so dark, then I heard this lady say, "did you loose someone?" Some how you fell over the seats in front of us and landed on the floor by this lady. I was so scared you got hurt, but you were fine. It was actually kind of funny because when we left you said, " that lady rescued me like a princess!"
On Memorial Day we went and picked up our little man from Grandma and Papa's and headed to the lake. Landon you loved to cruise around with your hair blowing in the wind. You didn't want to get in the water though. Natalie you got in the lake and swam around with me! It was cute because after someone fell off the wake board you would ask if they were ok and then offer them a snack. You are such a little momma! You guys are the best part of my life and I love you soooooo much!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Dallas Day 2 and 3!

Day two was the aquarium and the Medieval Times for dinner

Kissing flamingos!

I love this picture!

this was in the underwater tunnel

Landon making mommy nervous, he wanted to swim with the manatee!

the tunnel

awkward family picture

cool looking fish

Medieval Times
Natalie had a blast! Especially when the knight threw her a flower!
bed time at the hotel! Natalie wanted to sleep with her bubby, tight squeeze!

Day 3 we did lots of shopping. I did make one special stop but didn't get any pictures. My mom and I took Natalie to an American Girls shop. I always wanted one of these dolls when I was little, so of course I had to get Natalie one! This shop is every little girls dream! It has a cafe, hair salon for little girls and their dolls, and a library. Hopefully we can go back when she gets a little older!

Update! Dallas Trip Day 1

When I don't post for a while it is usually because I am busy. Which also means that by the time i get time to post, I can't remember the things I wanted to post about. So I will just start with the Dallas trip!

The drive there went really well! We started our trip at 4 am! The kids took an early nap and woke up in a wonderful mood for...

The Texas Rangers game!

Natalie loved the horse mascot!

Landon loved the stadium steps!

I loved taking pictures!
Trenton loved the game!

The weather was a little hot, but there was a nice breeze and we had a blast!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Check Up Day!

Today we had Natalie's 3yr check up and Landon's 18mo check up! Luckily my mom went with us because the kids were a little wild! They also both got 1 shot each.
Natalie, you measured 39inches which happens to be in the 95th percentile for you age, Wow, you are tall! Also you weigh 31lbs which means you gained 10lbs in 1 year. I can't believe how big you are getting!
Landon, you are also quite the tall one! You are 33inches which puts you in the 75th percentile, and you weigh 23.6 lbs. Tall and skinny! You didn't take the shot quite as well as big sissy, you keep crying ouchy ouchy. Poor baby.

We go on our trip to Dallas the day after tomorrow, and I need to start packing! We are also going to be watching baby Camden tomorrow so we should be very busy!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

So Ready For Our Little Vacation!

So we had inventory at work yesterday and it was horrible! I am so glad to be off today so I don't have to deal with it. I missed my babies sooo much yesterday, so today we are just spending time playing and snuggling! We will be taking a little trip to Dallas next week for a few days! On the itinerary: Rangers baseball game, World Aquarium, dinner at Medieval Times (Trenton's request), lots of shopping, and the guys are going to go to some racing thing. I am hoping me and my mom will be able to find some other things we want to do while we are there. Also on the last day of our trip Trenton and I will be celebrating our 6th anniversary! Not sure what we will do yet, hmmm.
I am debating on getting the kids a small dog too. They both like dogs. We used to have 2 dogs but we gave them away when we had our kids because they didn't get enough attention. Now that the kids are older, I think we could handle one small tough dog that doesn't shed much. Just a thought right now, maybe after our trip we can talk more about it.